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We love fresh, beautiful flowers as you do. Throughout history, people have been using flowers for many things. They act as a symbol for complex emotions and thoughts, such as love, passion, purity, even death. It’s why we have what is called the “Language of Flowers,” which means you’re able to communicate using these blooms.

Besides symbolism, flowers have practical uses as well. Since many centuries ago, people have used it for aromatherapy, medicine, and healing purposes. Today, flowers are trendy gifts, given as bouquets, arrangements, and even plants. Gifted flowers are often used to communicate, but also excellent décors.

Sending Flowers and Why It Is So Popular

Sending flowers is now so much easier with just a phone call, the reason why it’s so popular these days. Thanks to technology, you can buy a bouquet or a flower arrangement effortlessly, simply by placing a call, swiping on your smartphone, or making a few clicks on your computer to book an order.

Payment is easy as-well using debit or credit card, online banking or payment portals like PayPal. With these, your local florist can proceed to do your bidding and have the flowers sent to almost any location. The best thing is all these can be accomplished on the same day of your order.

How can you choose, though? Well, all the flowers available can usually be seen on the shop’s website. It has all the flowers’ pictures, written descriptions, arrangements or bouquets, the standard offerings, and other information. Online flower shops also allow customising your order, from design to size, to fits your budget.

Flower Delivery at Maria Fiorista

Our mission is to cater to all your flower needs, which entail knowing everything about flowers. This knowledge allows us to design bouquets and floral arrangements with meaningful messages. With every flower, there is a unique history and symbolism. With this information, we can help you say thanks, apologise, congratulate, and more.

On this Wiki page, you can learn more information about the different flowers and plants we use. In the pages below, you can find about the scientific name, history and origin, arrangements and symbolism of various flowers, as well as proper caring tips of your plants.

Let us send your message through creative and beautifully designed bouquets, arrangements, plants, baskets, and gift sets.

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