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Carnations are lovely blooms in varying colours such as yellow, pink, red, scarlet, and white. You’ll find these blooms in corsages, boutonniere, floral arrangements, and more, making it one of the popular flowers. Learn more about carnations below.

About Carnation

Carnation, also referred to as clove pink or grenadine, is native to the Mediterranean area. These flowers are widely grown and cultivated for their unique fringe-petaled flowers that usually have a spicy scent. Carnations are used widely in the floral industry.  

Grown mainly in Asia and Europe, many admired and loved carnations and used extensively in décor, art, wreaths, arrangements, and perfumes. Carnations are also known for their health benefits.

Scientific Name

Carnation’s scientific name is Dianthus Caryophyllus. Dianthus is a genus of around 300 flowering plant species in the Caryophyllaceae family native to Asia and Europe but with few species in Southern and North Africa.

The term “carnation” is from Latin “carnis,” which means flesh, referring to the flower’s pale pink color. In Greek, “dianthus” means the flower of Jove. 

Origin and History

Carnations are among the oldest flowers cultivated in the world. These flowers were discovered way back in Roman and Ancient Greek times by a known botanist Theophrastus.

The flower derived its name from the word “coronation” since these flowers were often used in ceremonial crowns. However, some people believed this came from the Latin word “carnis” due to its mostly pale pink.  

Symbolism and Meaning

With a fascinating history that spans 2,000 long years, this flower is full of symbolism and meaning. Carnations symbolize love, whether romantic, familial or love of a friend. These make carnation floral arrangements the perfect gift for different occasions like anniversaries, birthdays, Mother’s Day, and more.

Due to their charming and unique shape, carnations also symbolize distinction. Many individuals also link carnations with fascination. For centuries, the carnation flowers have been mentioned or included in songs, paintings, and poems. Different colours of carnation also mean other things, such as white for purity and pink for gratitude.


These fluffy blooms have stood the test of time and are still a favourite flower used on special occasions like birthdays and weddings.  Aside from using carnation floral arrangements in venues, they make a perfect gift to your special someone.

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