What Should I Write In A Gift Card Message With Flowers

 Tips for writing the perfect personal gift card.

More than sending flowers to your loved ones, sending them with a card carries an impact that cannot be underestimated. It shows you put some thought into what you sent. It adds that personal touch that might be lacking if you just sent only flowers. The good thing is, the message doesn't have to be long, especially since gift cards don't usually have much space anyway. It does have to be simple, to the point, and convey the appropriate emotion.

Because we care, we have created list of helpful tips to make the process easier and more impactful.

Relationship Anniversary Message.

Anniversary messages are best when they convey both gratitude and expressions of sustained love.

Loving someone for any amount of time is not an easy task. When you thank a loved one for their shows that you do not take it for granted you appreciate their love. An anniversary card should highlight that prominently. Also note when wishing another couple a happy anniversary, it adds authenticity when you celebrate their uniqueness.

Try one of these:

●      My love for you grows with each passing day, I can't believe what luck brought you my way! Happy Anniversary.

●      Loving you is bliss, thanks for another year!

●      You make me better, I love you! Happy Anniversary!

●      Cheers to Forever and the day after!

●      Your love inspires us all, cheers to more years! Happy Anniversary.

●      Happy Anniversary to the happiest couple alive!

●      I never feel more alive than when I'm with you, Let's stay forever.

●      You're the best part of my life, Happy Anniversary sweetheart.

●      I love us, I love you! Happy Anniversary.

●      My heart still beats for you, it will until it stops beating at all. Happy Anniversary.

Love Message.

A love message is meant to convey passion as well as friendship. You can achieve that by alternating between romantic and funny and it will create a perfect balance. Just like you don't only ever send roses to your lover. Sometimes, you just want to remind them how special they are to you, and other times, you want to make them smile.

Switching things up makes it exciting.

Remember, the message and the flowers make up a team. Make sure they are saying the same thing.

●      I'm sending you flowers cause you make me smile too.

●      I can't believe you're mine!

●      Thinking of you.

●      Can't wait to see you.

●      These flowers remind me of you because you adorn my world.

●      I think of you anytime I see something beautiful, so here you go.

●      You make my heart race, that's good, but you make me laugh and that's better!

●      There is no one else I would rather do life with.

●      I thought I was done with love but you make me feel again, I love you!

●      Just so you know, I think you hung the sun. And the moon. And all the stars. I love you.

●      Ice cream ain't got nothing on you, loving you gives me such a rush.

●      Save me a kiss, or two, or ten.


Sometimes a promotion may stir up imposter syndrome in people. This is when a person feels like they didn't earn the reward. A congratulatory card will do a good job of reassuring them that they deserve it.

Also in a work environment, Celebrating your co-workers when they win helps build relationships and you can never know when that will pay off in the future.

You could say:

●      I'm so glad to see your hard work paying off! Congratulations.

●      You earned this, you should be proud of yourself.

●      This is just the beginning, the sky is your stepping stone.

●      Yesssssss! You did it!! I am so proud of you!

●      Good luck with your new position!


 We are growing every day but most times we do not think of that until it's our birthday. Those are special days and it's good to acknowledge that. Although they come with different feelings for different people, birthday wishes are very easy to craft. Just remember the younger ones are proud of their new age, but the older they get, the more they need to be reassured that aging is a good thing. Below are great options to choose from! 

●      Happy birthday! Smell that? It's the promise of a great year for you. Much love!

●      You age so well, like fine wine, happy birthday to the finest of them all.

●      30 looks good on you!

●      If anybody doubts that age is just a number, they only need to look at you.

●      New year, new opportunities, cheers!

●      Welcome to your golden years! The best is still ahead of you.

●      Warm wishes on your birthday

●      21 and still sweet!

●      I hope you enjoy your birthday, lots of love.

From Abby.

●      Have a blast darling.

●      Get older, but don't wear out. Love you! Happy birthday.

●      I wish you all the best today.

●      Just so you know, I'm still older than you!

●      Blow out the candles already!

●      Remember, Grey means wiser and more experienced, and more fun stories to share. Happy Birthday!

●       I wish you the very best that life could give, you're special. Happy Birthday to you. 


 When writing a graduation gift card, it's important to bear in my mind the hard work and endurance it took the person to finally graduate. It's a time to celebrate and commend these values. Do not hesitate to let them know how proud of them you are. They will eat it up.

Here are some helpful examples to choose from: 

●      You made it! Even when it seemed like it was over, you worked so hard and I watched you bloom like a lily of the valley. I couldn't be prouder.

●      This is just the beginning of the best days of your life, I'm so proud of you!

●      Well done, you deserve it!

●      Congratulations on reaching the finish line, cheers to more!

●      To the newest grad in town, you go girl!

●      You were made for greatness, and this just proves it. Shine even brighter.

●      You don't need to prove to me how amazing you are, it's super obvious and this just proves me right! Congratulations

 Mothers Day.

Insecurity among parents is a very underrated phenomenon. Nobody's child comes with an owner's manual and yet Parents have to figure out how to raise their children without warping them. Many times they don't know what they're doing but they keep at it. They ought to be celebrated and not only by their Children.  As a man, you can boost your wife's confidence just by appreciating her mothering skills, it will go a long way in helping her cope better with the stress of motherhood. Friends can also show support to each other by sending flowers that say what a terrific job the other is doing at parenting. If you don't know where to start, here are some pro tips below:

●      Mothers are gifts from heaven, I concur, and you are doing just great!

●      I don't know how I would have survived without you. Thanks for your sacrifice mama.

●      I don't know how you were patient enough to watch my big, fat, sorry infant head, but thank you. I love you, mum!

●      You're more beautiful to me with all the wrinkles now because each line tells a story of how you loved our children well. Thank you, sweetheart!

●      To the greatest gift God gave me on earth, You're the best mother anyone could ask for. Happy Mother's Day.

●      The World best mother award goes to…

●      I love how you mother our children, it's so beautiful to watch, well done darling.

●      I'm awed at how you do it all, you are a good mum.

●      I appreciate how patient you are with the kids.

 Fathers Day.

 Fathers' feelings are often overlooked in the grand scheme of things. We think because they are strong they do not need validation. But nothing lifts a father's spirits more than being told they're doing a good job of bringing up their kids. Your message doesn't have to be emotional or sappy. It just needs to appreciate their will to protect and their efforts to provide and nurture. Try some of these:

●      You're a good dad.

●      I appreciate all your efforts to provide for mum and us kids. I couldn't have asked for a better dad.

●      You're my hero every day.

●      If I find someone half as good as you, I hit the motherlode, you're an amazing dad!

●      Happy Father's day to the coolest dad in the world.

●      My friends have fathers, I've got a father and friend, wow!

●      I think you're doing a great job Dad.

●      I love you Dad.

●       I'm glad I got a lifetime gift. That's you. Happy father's day

●      You were always there. I noticed. Thanks, dad.

 New Baby.

 The arrival of a new baby is often a thing of joy. A good tip for you is to celebrate not just with the mother and the baby but also with the father. It's a thing of pride for the father too.

You could say something like:

●      Hello Dad!

●      Congratulations you strong, strong woman!

●      More laughter just arrived home, we are so happy for you!

●      Beautiful baby, beautiful mum.

●      I saw the pictures, she us such an exquisite miracle. Congratulations.

●      I can't wait to pamper the you and the baby. One godmother coming right up! Wheeer!!!


 You don't have to be wrong to apologize. Saying "I'm sorry" doesn't always mean you accept that you're wrong, it many times means you acknowledge and respect the other person's feelings. This would make them feel validated and resolves issues more quickly than any other thing. And if you're truly wrong, a sincere apology goes a long way.

 You could say:

●      Let me make it better, I'm sorry.

●      I was wrong, again.

●      Flowers don't make it right, but I hope they let you know, I'm truly sorry.

●      I'll be more careful next time, I know how much this means to you.

●      You were right, I was wrong, I'm sorry.

●      I messed up, big time, I'd like to try again. Please.

 Condolence Message.

 These kinds of messages are addressed to the family of the departed one. Your choice of flowers and words to put on the card should reflect the kind of relationship you had with the deceased and their family, so it is wise to consider the level of closeness you had with them before writing your message.

 Most times, wreaths and sheaths which do not require a vase are the best flowers to send for such situations because the family of the deceased would likely receive a lot of flowers and may not have space to keep it all.

 Here are some tips on writing condolence messages:

●      We are sorry for your loss, we pray that you are comforted in this trying time. Our thoughts are with you.

●      Malcolm was one of the greats, he will be sorely missed.

●      Please accept our condolences. Know that we are here for you.

●      My family sympathizes with yours on this dark day. He was a father to us all. We loved him too.

●      She will forever be in our hearts, please accept our condolences.

●      He lived a good life, we shall miss him very much, please take heart.

Just Because.

It never hurts to send flowers to a loved one just because. You don't have to have a reason. These kinds of gestures are the most appreciated because they aren't expected. Just remember to send a card with something sweet or funny or sassy. It will surely brighten their day.

●      Smile

●      I'm thinking of you and I hope this makes you smile.

●      Have a great day today!

●      Just to let you know I'm so glad you have you in my life.

●      From your biggest fan!

●      Pretend I'm a secret admirer.

●      Just because you are amazing.