Valentine’s Day Flowers to Match Her Personality

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Romantic flower gifts for the 14th of February come in various styles, shapes, colours and sizes, which makes choosing the perfect one for your special someone a challenge.  But don’t worry.  Here’s another way to make your Valentine’s Day bouquet choice a bit more personal and thoughtful.

Ever heard of the 16 personality types?  There is this standardized test in the form of a self-report inventory that identifies a person’s strengths, preferences, and personality.  This questionnaire developed by Isabel Myers and Katherine Briggs was based on Carl Jung’s personality theory.  Sixteen personalities were identified based on the combination of primary and secondary traits.

This Valentine’s Day, select a bouquet based on your loved one’s personality.  By doing this, you get to give a gift that she will most likely love and enjoy.  It also shows how you value her unique interests and preferences and how you see and accept her for who she is.

Take a look at our flower gift guide for every personality type and find the perfect V-day bouquet for your special someone.

The Rational Strategists (ENTJ, INTJ, ENTP, INTP)

For the independent and strong-willed love of your life, get her a bouquet that reflects her confidence, strength and charisma.  Alstroemerias, irises, and tulips best represent her guts, restraint, and flexibility.  Orchids are also perfect, showing that you recognise how she demonstrates grace under pressure.

The Romantics and Idealists (ENFJ, INFJ, ENFP, INFP)

Someone who’s excited about gift-giving and is always a grateful recipient would be happy to get anything.  But giving a gift chosen with extra thought will really, really make them happy.  You can get a lush bunch of daisies for a virtuous visionary or large-head sunflowers that reflect their warm personality.  The vibrant and colourful gerbera daisy also suits their radiant personality.

The Planners and Defenders (ESTJ, ISTJ, ESFJ, ISFJ)

She’s the one who doesn’t really enjoy surprises so better stick with something simple and uncomplicated.  To make your gift a little more romantic, bank on nostalgia and get a floral gift that will remind her of her childhood or happy days from her youth.  Baby’s breath is one “neutral” flower that doesn’t overwhelm. 

Roses and lilies are perfect for someone who honours tradition.  Sweet peas, being an old-fashioned garden favourite, is another option.  Peonies are also a good choice as it embodies their warm and compassionate personality.

The Analyzers and Creators (ESTP, ISTP, ESFP, ISFP)

Your beloved who craves adventure and new experiences will be most likely drawn to unique flowers.  Skip the roses and opt for a daring display of mixed blooms in jewel tones.  A bouquet of showstopping calla lilies in dark maroon mirrors her daring personality and gentle and sincere nature. 

An elegant display of vibrant anemones isn’t a classic Valentine’s Day bouquet but it’s the perfect pick to show appreciation for your loved one’s ability to always notice beauty and opportunity.  There’s also the stunning ranunculus that shows a dreamy and mysterious look and exudes a vibe that draws in people – much like your special someone.


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