Symbolic Flower Gifts for Women’s History Month 2023

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The month of March is regarded as Women’s History Month.  It is celebrated in Australia, the United Kingdom, and the United States in honour of the contributions of women to culture, history, and society.  During this month, International Women’s Day is also celebrated (March 8 of every year).  And while Women’s History Month is yet to be a globally recognised month-long celebration, it should not hinder anyone from dedicating the entire month of March to acknowledging, empowering and encouraging women who make a difference.

Flowers remain a popular gift choice for Women’s Day and Women’s Month.  This isn’t surprising because a flower represents not just femininity but also a woman’s power to create.  If you’re thinking of sending a flower gift to show appreciation and honour a remarkable woman - or extraordinary women - in your life, consider the list below.  We’ve gathered a bunch of beautiful and meaningful floral gifts that acknowledge and mirror an empowered woman’s personality and spirit.

Mimosa.  Giving a bouquet of mimosa flowers is a gesture of respect and admiration for the recipient’s elegance, kindness, and dignity.  The mimosa bloom is said to symbolise a female’s strength, sensitivity, and sensibility.  No wonder this blossom was chosen as the official Women’s Day flower.  It depicts a woman’s tenderness and fierce determination to transcend her role in society.

Gladiolus.  Also called sword lilies, this lovely bloom produces elegant flower spikes with orchid-like blooms.  This flower looks spectacular in the garden or a vase.  There is something so graceful about the towering, spear-shaped blossom of this plant.  It truly is a blossom that embodies grace and strength.  Reminiscent of a sword, the gladiolus flower mirrors a female warrior’s spirit.  It’s the perfect blossom for a female defender and leader who also plays the role of a mother, sister, daughter, or wife.

Allium.  A majestic flower that represents courage and strength.  This flowering plant comes in a range of colours, heights, and flower forms.  The ornamental allium makes excellent cut flowers for both fresh and dried bouquets.  The flowers commonly display a spherical cluster of tiny star-shaped flowers.  This flowering plant thrives under full sunlight and can be grown in-ground or in containers.  This blossom is perfect for someone who personifies confident humility.

Protea.  This stunning bloom features a cone-like cluster of individual tubular flowers.  It is native to South Africa and Australia and requires well-drained soil, heat, and sun.  It has a long vase and it is pretty when it’s fresh and also when it is dried.  The bold silhouette and unusual form of a protea exude the spirit of women who lead the way.  This is the perfect flower to represent someone who isn’t afraid to skew tradition, rewrite the rules, and break the bias.

Snapdragon.  Also known as the Dragon Flower, the snapdragon makes a beautiful symbol of fortitude and strength.  This is a hardy plant that can thrive on barren soil and withstand cold temperatures.  It has a unique shape and form that’s incredibly resilient.  This flower grows tall and proud, with bold and breathtaking beauty.  Snapdragons come in different hues of yellow, pink, red, and white.


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