Summer Wedding In Italy: Flowers & Decors

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Planning a wedding in Italy? Now’s a perfect time! The summer season has begun and at this time of the year, Italy’s bursting with color and life. You’ll see wildflowers showcasing their most glorious beauty. The sun is shining and farms, vineyards, and olive groves are in peak growing season. Everyone’s having a good time outdoors.

Getting married in Italy during the summer season also means you get to easily find gorgeous blossoms to celebrate and decorate your special event. With Italy’s summer sun, good weather, and blooms in season, your dream outdoor or garden wedding is easier to pull off.

Here is a quick guide we’ve prepared to help you plan and prepare for a summer wedding in Italy.

  • Start the ceremony when the sun starts setting. A wedding ceremony before 5 PM might be too hot for you and your guests. Start late, and you’ll enjoy a nice evening breeze.

  • Given that the summer temperature will be hot, it would be nice to serve fresh water or cool drinks before the ceremony. You can ask your wedding planner to set up a welcome corner to greet guests with pink and yellow lemonade or simple lemon-infused water upon their arrival.
  • Go for summer dishes. We all know that Italian celebrations entail an abundance of food. For a summer wedding, consider dishes fit for warm weather. Choose those that are fresh and easier to digest like fish over red meat. June is a fig and strawberry season, too, and these two make delicious gelato flavors.

  • Don’t forget the shade. Lounge areas under trees and big parasols will be appreciated by your guests. Fans and small parasols or decorative umbrellas can also get the job done in helping your guests keep cool during the entire ceremony.
  • Choose flowers in season. We say this to help you keep your wedding flower costs down and for practical reasons. Summer flowers are built to survive the summer heat; hence they’re less likely to wilt quickly. Which summer flowers to pick, you ask? Here is a list of flowers in season during the months of June, July, and August:
    • Bouvardia. A popular bouquet filler flower available in striking hues including coral, hot pink, champagne, burgundy, peach, green, and white.
    • Dahlia. A romantic flower for a romantic summer wedding in Italy.
    • Delphinium. This showy, spiky flower pairs well with hydrangeas, and together they make elegant centerpieces.
    • Freesia. With an attractive “wildflower” look, freesias are ideal for romantic countryside-themed weddings. They pair well with unusual wedding flowers like narcissus and clematis.
    • Honeysuckle. Best paired with jasmine to create floral vines.
    • Hydrangea. Although a summer flower, it’s best to keep their stems in water so avoid using them in bouquets and floral arches. Use them as centerpieces instead.
    • Lavender. The bloom to pick if you’re looking for the smell of Italian countryside.
    • Sunflower. The bright hue and happy appearance of sunflowers make them an excellent choice for a rustic summer wedding.
    • Rose. Large varieties bloom at this time of the year so take advantage of that.

Other summer flowers you can use include: Amaranthus, Anthurium, Aster, Calla lily, Carnation, Gardenia, Gladiolus, Lily, Orchid, Salvia, Snapdragon, and Sweet Pea.

Don’t hesitate to use olive leaves in your bridal bouquet for that extra texture, beautiful sage hue, and a hint of naturalness sewn into your big day.

And if you’re feeling a little more creative and want a picture-perfect wedding scene with a truly Italian theme, consider having an olive-and-herb wedding. Think of variegated greenery, vintage silver accents, wine and blush-tinged flowers, and of course, olives. It’s earthy, natural, organic, and definitely romantic.


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