Quick Guide on Dried Flower Decorating

Andrew Thomson

What’s not to love about dried flowers? They are maintenance-free and definitely long-lasting. They offer amazing versatility and interesting beauty and style. Dried flowers are available for all seasons and will give you great value for your money. Easily change up the look and feel of a space with the presence of dried and preserved flowers.

To help you do just that, here is a quick guide on how to decorate your place with dried botanicals.

Know the types and how to maximize their looks. You’ll find a vast assortment of decorative dried flowers, bouquets, branches, and foliage. Among the popular ones are the Pampas Grass which is a tall and attractive grass with flowering stems, the Bunny Tail Grass with rabbit tail-like tufts of flowers on its tips, Billy Balls, Cotton Flower Stems, Lavender, Eucalyptus, Strawflowers, and Statice.

Billy Balls or Billy Buttons are ideal for creating a pop of colour into your dried floral arrangement. Even when dried, this bloom retains its bright yellow tone. For a touch of elegance, consider dried palm spear leaves. Cut the stem in various lengths to create a striking style statement. If you’re after some texture, cotton flower stems will provide you with the character you need. 

Set them up. Using dried blooms in botanical arrangements is undeniably easier than using fresh-cut flowers. You can use just about any container or vessel without having to worry about the flowers’ “breathing space.” Arrange dried flowers and foliage in terrariums, ceramic vases or apothecary jars, into a wreath, or in a frame. Certain flowers like daisies and larkspur press well and will look charming in a clear glass frame. For large blooms like dahlias and roses, they can be harder to press and will fit shadow box frames best. You can go all out with creativity or go minimal with single-stem or single-variety arrangements.

Dried flowers can add intrigue and whimsy to just about any room or space.  Showcase their rugged beauty on top of a fireplace mantel. Arrange them in a French market tote, decorative basket, or tall vase and set them on the floor in the entryway or hallway.

Keep them hanging. For a more rugged vibe, just leave them hanging. Create a bewitching look at any room in your home by simply hanging dried hydrangeas, peonies, or roses plus some textured dried foliage. You can use a vintage ladder, driftwood, jute rope and wooden clothespin, or wall rack with hooks.

Give them a gentle clean.  While they’re remarkably low maintenance, they can benefit from a little TLC. Keep them in tip-top condition by gently brushing away dust on its surface using a small feather duster or an artist brush. Keep them indoors and away from direct sunlight as too much heat can make them brittle. Remember, you don’t need to water these dried ones! It’s important that you also protect them from becoming wet or even damp to avoid mould formation.

Without a doubt, dried flowers make utterly stunning décor. They can add character to your interiors without being overwhelming. Their earthy tones allow them to fit any design scheme. Give dried floral décor a try and see how they can enchantingly give your space a fresh, new look.


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