October Flowers for an Autumn Wedding

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Ah, October! The tenth month of the year is known as the time to celebrate the harvest. It’s a time to chase the sun before winter sets it. It is the peak fall month in Europe and is a good time for cozy weekend retreats. October is also an ideal season for weddings – to celebrate love and commitment on a sunny day with cold and crisp air at night plus orange and golden hues all over.

The picturesque autumnal landscapes, the show of colours from autumnal foliage, and the beautiful autumnal light will all make your special day truly unforgettable.


How can one not love October for weddings? This season of the year also offers a wide selection of flowers! Regardless of your wedding theme (rustic, countryside, or boho) and location (garden, city, or the sea), you won’t have a hard time finding a variety of blooms to fit a certain style or mood.

Why don’t you take a look at our list of the best October wedding flowers and see which ones will do best for your Big Day?

Indulgent Blooms in Jewel Tones

Flowers with deep, velvety colours are the key. Mark your special day with the luxurious beauty of jewel-toned flowers in burgundy, pink, plum, blue, and emerald green. You can find these tones from these blooms in season during autumn:

Dahlias. A flower that symbolises commitment. Dahlias add pizzazz to wedding bouquets with their symmetrical petals and rich tones.

Carnations. Punch up your wedding colour palette with fuchsia and burgundy carnations. This versatile and inexpensive bloom has the power to add depth to your bridal bouquet or wedding flower decoration.

Roses. The classic rose. Find them in wine, deep garnet, or dusty purple.

Butterfly Ranunculus. The round and fiery red butterfly ranunculus would make a lovely addition to a jewel-toned wedding bouquet.

Amaranthus. Add length and drama to any wedding flower arrangement with the unique profile and rich tones of amaranth flowers.

Verbena. The vivid beauty of this autumn bloom is best appreciated up close.

Unexpected Pairing of Orange and Blue

Bring a punch of colour to your big day with floral arrangements in a striking blend of orange and blue tones. This gorgeous colour combination also allows you to play with tones and texture. Choose from navy blue, teal blue, dusty blue, bright orange, pumpkin orange, or burnt orange. The orange tone will warm up the nuptials while the blue tone will bring a sophisticated vibe. 

The October wedding flowers available in blue and orange tones are: 

Lisianthus. You can find this graceful bloom in a range of soft colours and bi-coloured varieties like blue/purple and apricot/white.

Gypsophila. A  popular filler flower, you can find this air-sprayed in various tones of blue or orange.

Delphinium. This bloom will work in any type of arrangement. The pale blue ones make a statement without overdoing and overshadowing the other lovely blooms in a bouquet.

Sunflowers. Bright and sunny, this happy flower comes in different warm tones and sizes.

Rustic-Meets-Romantic Vintage Colour Scheme

Fancy a moody boho-themed wedding in October? Plan your big day with blossoms in tones of terra cotta, peach, and sepia. Add yellow, mustard, and cream for a dreamy and enchanting finish. Tie all the flowers with a lace for a rustic yet romantic gathered-from-the-garden look.

Autumn flowers available in these vintage-y shades include:

Japanese Anemone. White with a yellow center, Japanese anemones bring a romantic and light feel to any floral ensemble.

Chrysanthemum. Now with new colour palettes, chrysanthemums are gaining back the trust of florists. You can now find chrysanthemums in reddish bronze, rose pink, apricot orange, and yellow-cream.

Pincushion Flower. Also known as scabiosa, these blooms look perfect when paired with the dainty beauty of roses and ranunculus. They make great addition to centerpieces.  


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