3 Botanical Décor Ideas for Improved Home Office Productivity

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Now that you’re spending more time around the house than ever, do not hesitate to exert effort to make your living space work for you.  Love the space you’re in, they say.  To do this, one has to be more intentional in creating spaces that inspire you.  This is especially important for your home office.  If your work area at home starts looking dull and stuffy and uninspiring, it’s time to make it your own.

Your home office should be an effective and safe space for you to live your work life.  Aside from getting the basic work-from-home supplies and equipment ready, it would be helpful if you would also make the space a place where you really want to be.  How do you do that?  One way is to take the stressful vibe out of your home office, and you can easily do that by decorating with flowers and plants.

Sunny Workspace to See Better.  Who would want to work in a room that’s dark and dreary?  Let natural light in and start your day with a sunny disposition, literally and figuratively.  If it’s impossible to work near a window, you can brighten and liven up your work room with orange and yellow blooms.  Fresh cut flowers in the colour of the sunset can influence your mood, which also influences your creativity and productivity.  While working with natural light allows you to see better literally, making your room feel “sunny” allows your imagination to see beyond what is and catch sight of what is possible.

Fresh and Functional.  We understand that clutter has no room in an office, whether in an actual business address or a designated “work” spot in your home.  You wouldn’t want unnecessary things taking up space in your work area, especially if it’s already too tight and compact.  But don’t worry.  There’s still room for a few more living things, even in an improvised home office.  Make way for succulents.  They have a minimalist profile that won’t take up much space on your desk or windowsill.  They can grow in low-light conditions and will only require minimal maintenance. 

Succulents are available in various shapes, sizes, and colors.  Count on their texture, form, and organic beauty to spice up your home office table.  These little greeneries are highly efficient, too, at absorbing carbon dioxide.  They also release oxygen thereby giving you cleaner, fresher air.

Clean Air = Clear Thinking.  When your mind feels a bit hazy, it may be because of the air you breathe.  Your physical health affects your cognitive health.  This also shows that environmental wellness affects your intellectual wellness.  So even if your work area is just a pocket of space in your home, it is still essential to make it healthy.  Greening your home office isn’t just for aesthetics.  Indoor plants also help in making your work area a healthier environment.  Live plants are your natural humidifiers.  They filter and remove toxins from the air.  The Chinese Evergreen, for example, filters toxins like carbon monoxide, benzene, and formaldehyde released by glues in office furniture and some paper products.  The stiff and upright snake plant, on the other hand, is effective in absorbing pollutants like trichloroethylene commonly used in typewriter correction fluid, carpet-cleaning products, varnishes, and adhesives.  Snake plants also filter indoor air and convert carbon dioxide into oxygen at night.

You can also go the tried-and-tested route of simply adding a colourful bunch of fresh flowers in an empty corner.  By having something pretty to look at, you’ll instantly feel good, inspired, and energized to get things done.


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