Best Mother’s Day Flower Gifts for Every Type of Mom

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Mother’s Day is just around the corner.  This is the time we get to treat an extraordinary lady to something she truly deserves.  So whether you’re celebrating your own mother, the mother of your children, Grandma, or someone who’s always been a mother to you, make sure you’re ready with the perfect gift for the most selfless heroine you’ll come across in your life.

You’re free to pick a tangible present, a luxurious treat, or the gift of experience.  Whatever you choose, don’t forget to pair it with a Mother’s Day bouquet.  There’s nothing like a gorgeous fresh flower gift on a day that celebrates motherhood, femininity, and nurturing love.

To help you find the right flower present, we took the time to weed through the many flower gift options and pick the best bouquets for every type of mom.

For the Artistic and Sweet Crafty Mom

Moms who love arts and crafts will be stunned by the look of a springtime-themed bouquet.  Think hyacinths, lily of the valley, sweet peas, and freesias or a bouquet filled with blooms in buttercup yellow, blush pink, mint, and fresh green.

For the Trendsetter Mama

Whether she’s a style maven or a glam girl, your trendsetter mom will be delighted to receive an elegant arrangement with blooms of sophistication.  Consider getting a classy white box filled to the brim with stargazer lilies, light pink and purple carnations, fuchsia roses, and stems of blue hydrangea.  You can also opt for a darker vase with jewel-toned blooms that exude luxury.

Then there are unique flower varieties that will truly resonate with a fashion-forward mother.  For someone who’s anything but ordinary, consider getting stems of vertical, spiked flowers like purple mullein, giant larkspur, and delphiniums.  Other beautiful options include large African daisy, rudbeckia, white laceflower, celosia, and magenta dianthus.

For the Goal-Oriented Working Mom

Lean towards being practical when picking a flower gift for a busy mom.  Choose one that’s ready for display and easy to maintain.  Remember to include a vase or to select long-lasting, low-maintenance blooms.  Cut flowers with long vase life include orchids, chrysanthemums, lilies, alstroemerias, carnations, sunflowers, and leucadendrons.

For the Ohm-Mama

Your fitness and wellness enthusiast mama will appreciate a monochromatic bouquet's zen and uncluttered look.  Think pastel or pale shades of pink, purple, yellow, and green.  A yellow orchid on a pot, a bonsai plant, a potted peace lily, or a bouquet of wildflowers are your best bet.

For the Green-Thumbed Homemaker

A plant mom will, of course, be thrilled to receive another plant baby.  If your mama enjoys propagating plants, get her a tabletop glass terrarium together with a bouquet of her favourite blooms.  Pair that gardening kit with a pot of sweet daisies or pretty hydrangeas.  A bonsai tree planter kit, a snake plant, or a hanging plant are also excellent choices.

For Any Grandma

Let’s not forget the levelled-up moms.  Celebrate her on Mother’s Day with a flower gift that will melt her heart.  Spoil your grandmother or your kids’ grandma with a personalized gift plus a lush bouquet of extra-large lilies.  A big, bold, and bright bouquet plus a personalized wind chime or garden stone for her green space would also make thoughtful gifts.  This year, you can also level up your gifting game by celebrating your grandmother's love with a flower subscription.

Whatever flower gift you choose for Mother’s Day, don’t forget to include a short yet sweet “thank you” note for that remarkable woman whose love never fails to make your heart and stomach full.


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