A Quick Guide in Selecting and Sending Get Well Soon Flowers

Andrew Thomson

What do you feel when you see fresh, beautiful flowers around you? How does time in a garden make you feel? Why do flowers – buying, receiving, and even sending them – make you feel good?

You’ve probably heard or read about the positive effects of flowers on emotional health. Numerous studies have already linked blooms and life satisfaction. Research findings show that flowers have the power to immediately and positively affect mood and well-being.  This is probably why flowers remain to be a well-loved gift up to this day. Arrangements of fresh-cut flowers make uplifting, encouraging, and healing gifts.

So, if you know someone who needs a bit of cheering up, don’t hesitate to send a blooming gift. Feeling unwell or being in the hospital is definitely no fun and a little perk-me-up gift can surely lift spirits and ease the burden of illness.  Send the gift of good vibes along with your wishes of good health through a fresh flower gift.

There are things you must consider, though, when sending get-well gifts. We’ve prepared this quick guide to help you make get-well flower gifting better and not a gifting disaster.

What You Need To Know

First, decide on where you will send the gift and ensure you have the correct address. Is your loved one admitted to a healthcare facility? If yes, make sure you know the room number or hospital department and include multiple recipient names. Incorrectly addressed get well gift packages will not reach the recipient. It’s best to call the hospital, too, and ask first about their delivery policies.

Second, take note of hospital gift restrictions. Some departments prohibit flower and plant deliveries. Some ban latex balloons due to allergy liability issues. Again, check with the hospital for restrictions.

Third, take note of the date and make sure your gift’s delivery schedule won’t fall on a day when the hospital patient has already been discharged. Take note of the florists’ same-day delivery cut-off time. 

Fourth, consider sending a flower gift that won’t trigger allergies. You intend to make healing and recovery faster so be mindful of how your floral gift can affect the physical health of the recipient. Unscented, hypoallergenic or pollen-free flowers are your best option.

Fifth, send a flower gift that’s ready for display. Remember that the intended recipient is feeling under the weather so she may not have the time or energy to arrange a bouquet into a vase. If you’re sending get well flowers to a hospital room, a vase may not be readily available so send a gift that’s already set in a vase and ready to be displayed.

What You Can Give

Don’t worry too much about sending flowers or plant gifts to someone who has respiratory allergies. There are many blooms and plants that produce little to no pollen and can be safe around allergy sufferers. These allergy-friendly blooms include begonia, daffodil, geranium hydrangea, zinnia, iris, and lilies.

Orchids, although they have pollen, are generally safe for allergy sufferers. Their pollen is so sticky it needs a pollinator to take it away. An orchid’s pollen doesn’t float in the air and are concealed in pollen pockets. Roses are perfect for they come in different colours, available year-round and easy to obtain, and have low pollen that are also far too heavy to be airborne.

When sending Get Well Soon flower gifts, you may want to pick an ensemble that’s bold, vivid, bright, and lush. Yellow and orange floral arrangements represent optimism and positivity and make great gifts to encourage healing. A calming blend of greens in the form of a fresh foliage basket is also a recovery-boosting option.

You can make a get-well flower gift extra thoughtful by adding an extra gift like a basket of fresh fruits, or chocolates if allowed. You can also include an audiobook subscription, a box of bath bombs for a warm, long, and comforting soak, a weighted blanket, a cool tea infuser, an essential oil diffuser, an interactive journal, or anything that can help take their worries away.  

What You Can Say

To make your get well gift a little more personal, don’t forget to include a message. Flower cards are small so keep your message short but sweet. Here are some get well soon messages you can try:

·       We miss you! Hope you get to feeling better soon.”

·       Wishing you well.

·       Sending good, positive, healthy vibes your way.

·       Hoping for your speedy recovery.

·       Take extra good care.

·       Thinking of you. Hoping you get better soon.

·       Eagerly waiting to see you. Get well soon.

·       I hope you feel a little better every day.

You can include a bit of humour, if you know the recipient well enough, to lighten the mood and brighten her stay in the hospital.

Sending a get well or ‘thinking of you’ gift to someone who has fallen ill will always be a gesture much appreciated.  It’s an act of love, a way of showing that you care; and that small and simple gesture can make all the difference to someone’s recovery.


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