3 Meaningful Botanical Gifts for Women’s Day

Andrew Thomson

March 8 is the day we celebrate the wins and gains made by women throughout history. This is also a day we can loudly raise awareness on gender equality and breaking the bias. This is a day we celebrate every woman, from any background, from all walks of life.

Celebrating this occasion requires no extraordinary effort. There are many small and simple things we can do to honour this special day and this important cause.  You can start with the females closest to you – your mom, sister, daughter, wife, girlfriend, or best friend. If you’re a woman reading this, go ahead and celebrate you and your influence, worth, and power.

One common gift given to recognise a wonderful woman is a bouquet of flowers. This year, you can go for the alternate route and opt to give something that’s longer lasting, a greener present, a gift that keeps on giving.

We’ve listed down our top three choices for fresh, live plants that make meaningful and thoughtful presents for the fabulous females in your life.

Air Plant

A variety of Epiphytes, air plants thrive even without soil. They obtain water and nutrition from the air in order to survive. Their long roots are for attaching themselves to trees, rocks, shrubs, or on the ground. Air plants are not parasitic; they grow on trees and other plants but they don’t take their host’s sustenance.

We’ve never seen an air plant that we didn’t find interesting. Their furry, fuzzy, and spiky foliage never fails to catch attention.   Their irregular form and rugged beauty are simply attractive. Air plants breathe life to spaces with their uniqueness. They’re basically just like the females of the earth.

Air plants and the 650+ Tillandsia species are said to symbolize freedom and creativity making them great gifts for Women’s Day. Encourage and empower a female loved one to express herself in ways that are true to her sense of being through the gift of an air plant terrarium.

For beginners, we recommend Tillandsia ionantha, Tillandsia stricta, and Tillandsia caput-medusae.


Native to the tropical forests in Asia, Aglaonemas offer fabulous foliage without requiring a lot of care or maintenance. There are more than 20 species of this drought-tolerant houseplant but when it comes to varieties based on leaf coloration, you’re to find hundreds of them. The variations are countless and all are fascinating.

Aglaonemas are said to symbolize positive energy as reflected by their shiny stamens, delicate markings, and striking colours. They’re just so beautiful to look at. A plus, they’re easy to live with, too. Gift a loved one with a pot or two of aglaonema and be able to spread good vibes and positivity.

According to Feng Shui, the aglaonema plant is a luck-bringer. Avoid placing this plant in a square pot to not block the Chi or energy of the leaves. Aglaonemas are best displayed in the home office and living room to reduce the stress in the atmosphere and welcome calmness.

The must-see varieties are Aglaonema Silver Bay, Aglaonema Cutlass, Aglaonema Chocolate, Aglaonema Bidadari, Aglaonema Pink Moon, and Aglaonema Super White.


One of the easiest houseplants to grow, pothos or Epipremnum aureum is a trailing vine that will grow quickly and will thrive indoors. There are several pothos varieties and you can select one that best mirrors the personality of the person you intend to give this plant gift to.

The Golden Pothos is perfect for a lady whose light never fails to make you proud and happy. The Marble Queen, as the name suggests, is for the regal lady who claims her beauty and power with finesse. The Neon Pothos is for someone whose kind heart just warms you up every time. The splashed and flecked Manjula Pothos is for the free spirit who dared to break the mould.

What’s also interesting about this plant is its symbolism. The Pothos, with its vigorous growth habit, is said to symbolize perseverance and determination. It’s the plant that accurately represents one’s relentless spirit. Give this as a gift for Women’s Day to empower a lady, young or old, to chase dreams and reach for her goals. 


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